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From the Forest to the Field,
PureFill is the Smart Organic Solution.

FieldTurf tested all known organic infill materials in the marketplace today and found cork to be superior in all major categories as it relates to the environment, safety, performance, and durability. PureFill cork has a long list of benefits for athletes and field owners. FieldTurf’s PureFill cork infill is a natural infill that is 100% environmentfriendly and non-toxic. It is an organic, recyclable and sustainable product that is harvested from the cork oak tree every nine years, without harming the trees.

Why Cork ?

  • resilience

    PureFill cork is a very resistant substance of strong durability. It is considered an unalterable and imperishable material. Due to its membrane flexibility, the cells in PureFill cork function as microscopic air cushions which regain their shape once compressed.

  • heat reduction

    Studies show that even a small top layer of PureFill cork infill applied to a synthetic turf field can reduce the surface temperature significantly. Cork’s low thermal conductivity due to its natural structure will keep the turf cooler.

  • shock absorption and attenuation

    FieldTurf’s PureFill infill systems all exude excellent shock absorbing properties, having met or exceeded industry standards for immediate and long-term player safety. The PureFill cork material combined with silica sand provides for good impact attenuation that helps keep fields safe.

  • uv resistance

    The Suberin component of PureFill provides impermeable properties which allow cells to fill-up with air and take on a strong insulating and protective ability.

  • cleanliness & health

    The Suberin component of cork is anti-microbial and anti-allergenic and will repel pests, mold and prevent cork from rotting. It therefore has a strong hygienic value and is completely recyclable.

why choose cork over the other organics?

  • 1

    No Water Required

    Traditional coconut based organics require expensive irrigation systems to maintain moisture levels. Not cork.

  • 2

    No filler

    Traditional organics use “husk” filler to reduce cost. A cork only system ensures that you get only top quality material and no filler.

  • 3


    Cork is a more durable granule than other fibrous organic materials which leads to lower infill compaction.

  • 4

    Better value

    Better performance and lower overall cost makes cork the best value organic solution.


How does purefill compare to the most stringent testing standards in the world?
It crushes them! meeting all fifa 2-star requirements.

PropertyTwo Star
Vertical Ball Rebound0.60 - 0.85m0.82
Ball Roll4 - 8m7.3
Shock Absorption60 - 70%62
Deformation4 - 10mm7.0
Rotational Resistance30 - 45 Nm40

The World Reference

  • Kelmis Field 1 (2013)La Calamine, Belgium
    Sportplatz Dienheim (2013)Dienheim, Germany
  • CS du Bois de Frères (2013)Chatelaine, Switzerland
    TV Crumstadt (2013)Riedstadt, Germany
  • Complexe Sportif Saint Exupéry (2013)Rouen, France
    Ovada Campo (2011)Ovada, Italy
  • Campo di Santa Flavia (2011)Bagheria, Italy
    SV Wateringseveld (2012)Den Haag, Netherlands
  • Campo Miramare (2008)Rimini, Italy
    Sportplatz Kloster Oesede (2012)Georgsmarienhütte, Germany