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Baseball & Softball

First ever personally-tuned field for individual customer preferences.

2008 World Series played on FieldTurf.

2009 World Baseball Classic played on FieldTurf.

32 NCAA D-I teams play baseball on FieldTurf.

20+ College teams play softball on FieldTurf

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FieldTurf offers an amazing baseball product that is fully approved by the game’s elite institutions.

The new innovative FieldTurf DoublePlay system provides users with the field they desire, as ball speed can be adjusted depending on the product installed.  Whether you prefer a faster surface that benefits speedy players on the base paths and in the infield, or a slower surface which reduces the speed of balls in play, FieldTurf can tailor your baseball diamond to match the strengths of your club.

Many Division-I baseball and softball programs in the NCAA have reported a reduction of up to 50% in fielding errors after switching to FieldTurf due to the true and consistent playability of the field.

America’s favorite past time continues to grow with the evolution and development of FieldTurf.

FieldTurf DoublePlay

FieldTurf XT

Colleges & UniversitiesSchool DistrictsCity & Private Projects
Concordia University-Texas, TXDarien High School, CTCity of Beaumont Ford Park, TX
Cornerstone University, MI Dickinson High School, ND City of Newark Independence Park, NJ
Dartmouth College, NH (Softball)DuQuoin Central Schools, ILCity of Redmond Hartman Park, WA
George Washington University, DCHamburg High School, PAFlorence Freedom Pro Baseball, KY
University of Illinois, ILLa Jolla Country Day School, CAFrozen Ropes Baseball Complex, NY
University of New Mexico, NMJackson High School, WAMoriches Sports Complex, NY
University of Oregon, ORKayenta Middle School, AZMyrtle Beach Grand Park, SC
University of Texas, TXNewfield High School, NYNewton Square Gable Park, PA
U.S. Air Force Academy, COSt. John The Baptist High School, NYSan Marcos Mission Sports Park, CA
Wright State University, OHSun Prairie High School, WIVillage of Melrose Park, IL