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FieldTurf TotalCare Field Replacement Program

With over 7,000 fields in the ground customers can benefit from FieldTurf’s unmatched expertise and advanced technology to find the most economical method to replace their existing turf system. Let our experts evaluate your field and give you economic options you can live with.

TotalCare is the complete package. Our comprehensive program helps you save money and ensure maximum performance on your field replacement.

Here's how it works:

Field Removal

  • Our objective is simple - remove the maximum amount of infill at the lowest cost to you.

Base Remediation

  • Our team of experts will help determine if any base remediation is necessary.

Field Replacement

  • Only the best materials go back in to the field. Our assessment will help determine how much of the existing infill can be reused and how much, if any, cleaning of the infill is necessary. To find out more about this program, check out the FieldTurf Infill Renewal guidelines.

Comprehensive Maintenance

  • The TotalCare program includes an 8-year service plan of 2 visits per year from our FieldCare team. This maintenance includes deep grooming and field rejuvenation along with any spot repairs. Plans are customized for each customer based on needs.

Download the brochure.