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FieldCare Maintenance Program

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Phone: 877-4-FieldTurf

The proper maintenance of your FieldTurf surface will not only keep your field looking and playing its best, but will extend the life span of your field by many years.

FieldCare is a national maintenance program geared towards making FieldTurf synthetic turf field systems perform at their optimal level for even longer. The FieldCare program is comprised of complete field inspections and regular maintenance done only by FieldTurf authorized maintainers.

Twice per year, our industry-best certified FieldTurf maintainers will visit your facility for regularly scheduled maintenance which consists of:

1) A deep sweep and rejuvenation

This in-depth grooming will remove all dirt, bird droppings, gum, blood, skin and other detritus that ultimately collects in any playing surface, leaving your field bright and clean.

2) A complete inspection of all areas of the field, including:

Fiber Fibrillation Analysis Infill - Consistency in Depth
Seam Analysis Infill - Migration Analysis
Perimeter Anchoring Glued Inlay Analysis
Excessive Wear Analysis Base Stability Analysis
UV Fade Inspection Painted Markings Inspection

Other services offered by our maintenance professionals include:

  • Logo or line painting removal
  • Goal post installation/repair
  • GMAX testing
  • Snow removal
  • Ceremony/event preparation

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