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FieldCare Maintenance Program

Contact Information
Phone: 800-724-2969

FieldTurf’s FieldCare Maintenance Program will support years of consistent, high performance to your field and let you maximize your investment. Consult with your FieldCare Service Manager to find the FieldCare program that’s right for you. And right now it’s yours at a significant cost saving.

Research has shown that proper maintenance of a FieldTurf surface will not only keep your field looking and playing its best, but will extend the lifespan of your field by many years.

At each visit, certified technicians execute these 5 procedures.

  1. Take multiple infill depth measurements to verify surface planarity.
  2. Make minor warranted seam and inlay repairs, not to exceed eight (8) repairs.
  3. Add light infill to high traffic areas.
  4. Power clean field perimeter.
  5. Provide a written Pre and Post-Session field report. 

Advanced Care

Advanced Care is ideal for aged surfaces and/or fields with heavy use. It provides deep grooming and fiber rejuvenation in the 5 steps:

  • Deep field de-compaction. Magnet sweep for metal debris.
  • Rotary brushing to raise turf fibers and to deposit any contaminated infill into vibrating screen for debris collection.
  • Cleaned infill is then re-distributed back into the field using a weighted power brush and vacuum.
  • Vacuuming to remove fine dust and debris from field surface.

Standard Care

Standard Care provides the 4 basic services for debris removal, field de-compaction and infill redistribution.

  • Sweep field for large debris.
  • De-compact field at appropriate depth for age of fiber and current field conditions.
  • Brush in multi-directions with static brush to redistribute infill.
  • Re-sweep the field for fine debris.

Custom Care

Custom Care is designed by the FieldCare Service Team to fit your specific maintenance needs. This includes 1 to 6 visits per year with a combination of Standard Care and Advanced Care maintenance, along with other custom services, which include:

  • Field line striping
  • GMAX testing
  • Anti-microbial spray
  • Anti-static spray
  • Infill top dressing and replenishment
  • Removal of clay migration
  • Snow plowing

The FieldCare Team is specially trained to analyze and maintain FieldTurf installations. Our FieldCare crews work on FieldTurf fields – and they are the only ones to trust to make sure you get the most out of your field.

FieldCare maintenance visits will be scheduled at your convenience. Our team will arrive with all of the right equipment and materials custom designed to complete the job accurately – without interfering with your athletic schedule.