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Customer Commitment

Providing a high quality product and outstanding customer service has been a part of FieldTurf’s successful business model since day one. Our customers are our number one priority, which is why we have taken the time to assemble an experienced and dedicated customer service department. We proactively follow up with each and every one of our customers to ensure complete and continuous satisfaction.

More importantly for you, if you need to speak with a member of our team, one quick call will suffice to get all the answers you need. Our dedicated customer service team is on hand to answer all of your inquiries for the entire lifespan of your field.

Furthermore, FieldTurf’s certified installers are located in many areas of the country, allowing you to have quick on-site service, should you require it.

In addition, our customer service department has assembled a comprehensive manual that covers all field care issues. Each FieldTurf customer receives a main guide that covers everything from field maintenance to field protection. Our devotion to our customers and their fields can be further confirmed by the extensive line of field care products and equipment designed and catered specifically for a FieldTurf field.

Call our customer service department today at 1-800-724-2969.