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Vintage Series

FieldTurf thrives to surpass athletes’ expectations, by offering the highest performing, safest and most innovative products in the industry. Our mission with the Vintage Series was to reinvent the short pile turf category by improving quality, durability, softness and safety. 

A unique innovation to a traditional short pile system. Welcome to the new age of short pile turf.


The Vintage Series was built for your needs.

Better Fibers - Soft and Durable 

Our Vintage Series features our highest quality slitfilm fiber – the same fiber featured in our renowned Classic HD system – in a heavy and dense 2-layer pile, making our Vintage Series the softest, the most durable and a low maintenance option.

Better Drainage – Unmatched Performance in All Conditions

Our VersaTile system never gets in the way of the water flow, offering maximum horizontal drainage with a free draining surface area of 82% (compared to only 35% in competitive products).

Better Absorption for Optimal Safety

Our exclusive VersaTile shock pad system offers superior shock absorption. Our Vintage Series systems are also available with traditional shock pad systems.

Better Infill – For More Options

Our infill options are the most comprehensive and innovative on the market. The Vintage Series features a wide array of available infill options; from rubber to organics, all sand or even thermoplastics. You're guaranteed to find the infill that meets your athlete’s needs.