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Revolution 360 - The Complete Fiber

In 2011, FieldTurf changed the game with the introduction of Revolution. Now, FieldTurf has set the bar with Revolution 360. No development program has ever subjected a fiber to more vigorous requirements or, faced a higher standard.

Named after the concept of completeness, the Revolution 360 fiber features optimal durability, resilience and feel. The first complete fiber.


Revolution 360 achieved a score of 83 on the Fiber Performance Index (FPI). Introduced by Labosport, FPI established the ultimate fiber ‘index’ – the rating of an artificial turf fiber, to help prospective turf buyers understand and weigh the individual qualities of a turf fiber. Learn more about FPI Here.

FPI Score - Revolution 360 - 2.5" Pile Height

How does Revolution 360 compare to competing fibers? See the performance results Here.   

Revolution 360 was subjected to Penn State University's Sports Surface Research Center’s aggressive 150,000 cycle Lisport Wear Testing and received a perfect 10 - 10 “good”, NO “hair-splitting”, NO “fractured”, NO “complete splitting”. This result has yet to be matched by competing turf fibers. See the full report Here.


We’ve combined our best fiber with our proven infill technology. Fiber is important to every turf system, but nothing is more important for your athletes than a high quality infill system.

We know that on a natural grass field, athletes cut, plant and release in the earth – not in the blades of grass. On an artificial turf field, the infill is the earth. FieldTurf’s infill is designed to provide the same biomechanical properties as natural grass, as athletes play in the infill, not on the turf fibers. FieldTurf’s infill system contains up to 9.2 pounds per square foot. It’s the “heavyweight” in the turf industry.

Recent safety studies confirm that infill weight matters. Learn more about safety Here.

Interested in Revolution 360? Reach out to our experts Here to learn more.