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FieldTurf Multi40

The Multi40 turf system was designed for specific sports performance where a separate underpad is desired. The system comes in either a monofilament or a slit-film variety, depending on the need and the application, with both having a pile height of 1.6”.

The lower pile height and lower infill depth is achievable through the use of a separate underpad, essentially replacing some of the infill that you would normally have in a standard longer-pile system, to provide the proper amount of cushion.

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The Multi40 system is a very good solution for multi-purpose applications, especially when field hockey and soccer are played on the same field.

Multi40 offers a variety of infill compositions to suit a wide range of performance and environmental requirements. The infill used in the Multi40 system consists of a bottom layer of silica sand with a top layer of SBR rubber, or, if you are looking for an alternative infill solution, granulated PureFill cork, or TPE. The backing is a dimensionally stable fabric that allows for proper stability of the turf surface.

  • Plays well for field hockey, soccer, and multi-use applications
  • Ballast layers of sand with top layers of performance infill for proven playability
  • Complete with a separate underpad for proper player safety.
  • Dimensionally stable backing complimenting the Multi40 short-pile turf system


Fiber (Monofilament)Fiber (Slit Film)InfillBacking
Geometry: Ridged MonofilamentGeometry: Slit FilmTop Layer: Ambient Rubber
or Purefill Cork or TPE
Coating Style:
Solid Coating and Perforated Backing
Denier: 10,800Denier: 10,800Bottom Layer: Silica Sand
Thickness: 235 MicronsThickness: 130 MicronsTotal System Weight
1.6" Pile Height System: 680 oz/yd2