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Air FieldTurf

Patented Air FieldTurf™ is the leader in aviation-grade artificial turf solutions and has been rigorously tested to ensure the system meets and exceeds all United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirements for airside applications of synthetic turf per FAA AC 150/5370-15.

As the leading global provider in aviation-grade artificial turf systems, we are your co-pilot in improved ground safety and lower maintenance.

We offer the planning, applications and options to ensure a safe, low-maintenance artificial turf surface that pays for itself quickly. Most clients can expect a return on their initial investment in as little as 3 years.

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Why Install Air FieldTurf™: Safety First

With air safety increasingly in the news, you can count on our artificial turf systems to:

  • Improve airfield access for rescue and firefighting
  • Reduce foreign object debris
  • Provide non-lethal wildlife control
  • Stabilize runway and taxiway shoulders
  • Reduced needs for security clearances for field maintanence staffing
  • Inhibit erosion from aircraft maneuvering
  • Enhance visual contrast of runways

Air FieldTurf™ aviation grade artificial turf systems contributes to: 

  • Improved visibility
    • Creates a visual contrast marking the edges of the runway, improving visualization for pilots in all weather, daylight or night conditions.
  • Reduced opportunity for foreign object debris
    • Increases safety of flights and service vehicles around runways by significantly reducing dust and debris which can often be caused by turbulence generated during take-off and landing.
  • Mitigate risk from wildlife
    • Eliminates sources of food, water and shelter for wildlife in airside areas.
  • Improve drainage, reduce maintenance and security clearance needs of maintenance staff
    • Ends mowing, re-seeding and pesticide treatments, reducing costs and need for security clearance of select field maintenance personnel. Improves drainage to ensure a stable and safe surface for heavy airport service vehicles to navigate in emergency response situations.

Air FieldTurf™: Bonus Savings & Efficiency

While safety comes first, savings and efficiency are close behind. Here are just a few of the ways Air FieldTurf™ can save your maintenance and operations:

  • Lowers costs associated with closures for maintenance
  • Beautification of airside and landside landscaping
  • Long-lasting with quick recovery of initial investment – typically within a few years
  • Turnkey service including in-house design, manufacturing, installation and customer support
  • Industry leading warranty
  • Flexible financing options

Putting Air FieldTurf to the Test

See what happens when the Marines and the Discovery Channel team up to test Air FieldTurf against the toughest conditions. The demands of the aviation, synthetic turf, construction and regulatory domains are met with the company's unmatched qualifications, skills and experience. Our worldwide network ensures prompt response and customer satisfaction.

Geometry: Slit FilmSilica SandCoating Style: SureLock Precision Coating
Denier: 10,000+
Thickness: 100+ microns
San Diego International Airport Honolulu International Airport
Boston Logan International Airport U.S. Marine Air Base - Miramar
San Francisco International Airport Paris Charles-de-Gaulle Airport
John F. Kennedy International AirportHonk Kong International Airport
Changi Airport - Singapore