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Hight Performance. Low Temperature.

Chilling Results

Hard work pays off. Our team tried everything until they found the perfect solution to the problem of hot fields. We tested it. And tested it again. Independant laboratory results concluded that CoolPlay was 35°F cooler than traditional sand/rubber infill systems.

Chilling Performance

CoolPlay is cool. FieldTurf's exclusive and innovative Extruded Composite (EC) top dressing allows the CoolPlay system to deliver the same behavior and overall stability as FieldTurf's Elite system fields found in the world's most famous stadiums. CoolPlay takes nothing away from performance... except the heat.

Chilling performance

Saving Money is also pretty cool

The existing alternative to CoolPlay is irrigation - which only provides temporary relief from high temperatures. Compared to a cost of about $75,000$ to install an irrigation system on a typical field, CoolPlay can save you a significant amount of money. Besides, irrigating an "artificial" turf field just doesn't make any sense. Any way you look at it, CoolPlay is an excellent alternative... and saving $40,000 is pretty cool, too!

Chilling Design

CoolPlay wasn't developed just to be cool. In designing the system, we ran a multitude of test with one goal in mind: cooler surfaces with no compromise to the safety and performance of our fields.

  • Crumb rubber as a top layer absords heat, causing the surface temperature to rise.
  • An all-sand system may be cool, but the surface would be far too hard.
  • Our organic and sand system is also cooler, but only CoolPlay offers a surface with ideal safety and performance.

Testing finally led us to the special EC top dressing that could replace the top layer of crumb rubber on our patented three-layer infill system - which is proven to offer better performance and safety in over 4,500 fields around the world.

The EC granule is durable, shock absorbing and absorbs far less heat than other alternatives.


University of Georgia

"We like the quality and we're very excited about using CoolPlay. It will reduce the temperature of our turf for the safety of our players.”
- Mark Richt, Head Football Coach

University of Tulsa

"We couldn’t be happier with the new FieldTurf CoolPlay turf system. The field is noticeably cooler as promised and the players love it! The CoolPlay system is a great way to battle the Oklahoma heat and keep our players safe.”
- Terry Hossack, Associate Vice-President

University of Arizona

"We’ve been extremely pleased with our FieldTurf CoolPlay that was installed at Arizona Stadium. The surface has provided a great enhancement to our stadium and has served as a benefit for our coaches and student-athletes because of the quality of service and its much lower temperature than normal artificial surfaces.”
- Greg Byrne, Director of Athletics

University of Maryland

"Our playing surface at Capital One Field at Byrd Stadium has improved studentathlete safety through this innovative CoolPlay technology. We also now have had the ability to attract outside events to our campus, generating revenue and continuing to improve the on-campus lives of our students and our community.”
- Kevin Anderson, Director of Athletics