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Unmatched Drainage

FieldTurf's patented backing offers drainage performance unequaled by any artificial turf product in the industry.

Rain outs? They're a thing of the past. A FieldTurf field is designed for all-weather playability. Our turf fields are ready to play-on during the heaviest of rainfalls, and remain in pristine condition.

Our Prestige level turf systems feature "traditional" burned holes for drainage, while our Elite product line provides for unmatched drainage with our patented SureLock "finger-unit" system. Let us tell you how we do it.

To keep the fibers from slipping out of the backing, the turf industry uses coatings to cover the backing and hold the fibers in place. The "traditional" backing system involves coating the entire turf backing, choking off all drainage.

The next step for most turf makers is to run the coated carpet over a hot, spiked drum, which burns holes in the backing. These burn holes are designed to let water drain out when it rains. Unfortunately, these holes can also allow the infill to leak out underneath the turf system. And often with infill movement through these holes, the holes can get clogged and prevent field drainage.

Unlike the rest of the industry, the innovators at FieldTurf came up with a superior drainage solution for its Elite system. It's called SureLock coating. This patented system coats only the rows of fiber, leaving the rest of the carpet untouched and naturally porous.

The result is unmatched drainage. Total drainage area on a FieldTurf Elite carpet? Over 40%. Burn holes? Less than 2%.

FieldTurf Surelock coating, another innovation that sets FieldTurf apart from the rest! Check out our video for more information on why you need Surelock on your field.