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Patented Infill System

When it comes to artificial turf performance and safety, the most important aspect for your field is the infill. Whereby turf fibers are directly related to the aesthetics of the field, the infill – which is spread between the fibers – delivers what the athlete needs; Softness on impact and the correct firmness and cleat-release for ultimate performance.

It is a meticulous process proven with science.

FieldTurf’s patented 3-layered infill system is the only proven method for all levels of sport and the most intricate infill system available on the market.

  • The bottom layer is comprised of several layers of clean, washed silica sand.
  • Up to 14 passes of a mix of cryogenic rubber and silica sand is then layered into the system. The rubber and sand particles are a similar size to stay in suspension.
  • Larger-sized cryogenic rubber top layers ensure that the rubber remains on top, providing a safe, forgiving surface.
  • Total infill exceeds 9 pounds per square foot on a typical sports field.
  • Over 720,000 pounds of infill is layered into a typical sports field.

Silica Sand

Stabilizes and supports the system.
Similar size to cryogenic rubber granules in order to eliminate segregation and compaction.
Accounts for 70% of total infill weight.

Cryogenic Rubber

Recycled rubber tires are cryogenically frozen and turned into smooth, clean-cut granules.
Rounded granules resist floating or displacement in high-use areas.
Environmentally beneficial.
Accounts for 30% of total infill weight.