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FieldTurf Customer Testimonials

Believe the hype - what our customers think about FieldTurf

Jim Nolan

Senior Vice President of Finance, Administration and Operations
New England Patriots

“When we made the decision to install a new turf surface, we underwent an extensive evaluation and testing program of many other turf products in the marketplace. Selecting the FieldTurf Revolution product was a well-informed decision. What we are getting is an elite level turf system that will significantly benefit our players for years to come.”

Todd Whitting

Head Baseball Coach
University of Houston

“FieldTurf DoublePlay plays more like a natural ball field than anything else we have seen. From a product and company standpoint, FieldTurf is the right choice for us.”

Elmar Bolowich

Head Men’s Soccer Coach
Creighton University

“FieldTurf Revolution is an exceptional product. It has proven its worth in terms of durability, playability and visual appeal. FieldTurf has significantly contributed to the fact that Morrison Stadium is considered the #1 college soccer venue in the country.”

Don Patko

Athletic Director Facilities Operations
Ohio State University

“Since we started on FieldTurf in 2007 at the stadium, our surface has consistently provided excellent footing for our players throughout the season.”

Timothy Wise

Senior Associate Athletic Director
University of Miami

“We feel as though this upgrade to FieldTurf for our facility sends a positive message to our athletes that we want them to play on the highest performing surfaces, so they can perform at their best. We did a lot of research into what surface would be best for us and this is the one.”

Tom Calder

Director of Athletics and Recreation
Johns Hopkins Blue Jays

“After looking at different options, FieldTurf was the best choice for us. We believe playing on FieldTurf’s baseball-specific product will further develop our program and give us an excellent opportunity to continue our winning tradition.”

Mark Richt

Head Football Coach
University of Georgia

“When we were looking to replace our synthetic field, I wanted to continue our relationship with FieldTurf. We like the quality and we are very excited about using CoolPlay. It will reduce the temperature of our turf for the safety of our players.”

Jaime Sherwood

Director of Athletics
Wayzata High School

“We had our initial FieldTurf field for a decade now and can confidently say that this investment has paid dividends throughout our entire organization both immediately in the short-term and each and every year thereafter.”

Terry Hossack

Associate Vice-President
University of Tulsa

“We couldn’t be happier with the new FieldTurf CoolPlay turf system. The field is noticeably cooler as promised and the players love it! The CoolPlay system is a great way to battle the Oklahoma heat and keep our players safe. It is impressive how FieldTurf created a cool high performance artificial turf system; it’s just what we needed.”

Bill Farley

Community Unit Assistant Superintendent of Business Operations
Community Unit School District 200 in Illinois

“FieldTurf has been a great investment for our schools. We installed two fields in 2003 and both were replaced in 2013. It was an easy decision for us to go back to FieldTurf when it came time for replacement. Without a doubt our investment in artificial turf has paid off. Our maintenance costs have declined and we have been able to reallocate resources for other operational uses.”

Neel Durbin

Director of Schools

“FieldTurf has exceeded our expectations at every level. The sales personnel worked with us to meet our needs with the product and scheduling. The TCPN procurement process sped up the process and guaranteed a low price for our needs. The installation team was efficient, friendly and professional and every step was ahead of schedule.”

Joey Saputo

Montreal Impact

“We are proud to offer the local community a good quality field, all the while having it available for use of all the club's teams, from the Espoirs in our sport-etudes program all the way to the pros in MLS. This new field is another step in the progression of our club and our sport.”

Glen Shilling

Detroit Country Day School

“We looked at many different products in the industry and the same holds true today as it did more than a decade ago – nothing in the marketplace compares to what the FieldTurf product offers in terms of safety and playability. When we originally decided to install FieldTurf on our Stadium Field, we expected an excellent level of service and product and that is exactly what we experienced over the last 13 years. We are excited to continue our longstanding relationship with the world leader in artificial turf.”

Chris Creighton

Head Football Coach
Eastern Michigan University

“Installing new top of the line FieldTurf in our stadium is one of many ways that our administration has demonstrated a real commitment to Eastern Michigan Football. The fact that they have embraced the idea of the field being concrete gray shows their courage and conviction in who we are and what we are all about. We cannot wait to represent Eastern Michigan University on our new turf this fall and for the years to come.”

Greg Byrne

Director of Athletics
University of Arizona

“We’ve been extremely pleased with our FieldTurf CoolPlay that was installed at Arizona Stadium.The surface has provided a great enhancement to our stadium and has served as a benefit for our coaches and student-athletes because of the quality of service and its much lower temperature than normal artificial surfaces. The FieldTurf, along with our other stadium upgrades, has made a tremendous difference in our environment at Arizona Stadium.”

Kevin Anderson

Director of Athletics
University of Maryland

“This FieldTurf project has been an overall success for the University of Maryland. Our playing surface at Capital One Field at Byrd Stadium has improved student-athlete safety through this innovative CoolPlay technology. We also now have had the ability to attract outside events to our campus, generating revenue and continuing to improve the on-campus lives of our students and our community.”

John Haverstock-McMahon

Stadium manager
McMahon Stadium

“We went and visited other facilities with the surface and we also received input from (Stamps equipment manager) George Hopkins and (assistant general manager) Mike Petrie based on the players’ experience with turfs in other CFL stadiums. FieldTurf does many, many fields across North America and in fact I believe its market share is greater than all of its competitors combined.”

Warren Craney

Head Football Coach
York University

“The opportunity to practice and play on a state-of-the-art field and under the lights on campus is unbeatable. The new field is a nice lead into an amazing few years to come for this program.”