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The proven durability of our fields allows us to proudly confirm that you will obtain the best value from an artificial turf field when you choose FieldTurf.

Building an artificial turf is a very large construction project. That is why you will want to choose the turf system that provides the longest lasting performance and safety.

FieldTurf has over 500 fields that have lasted eight years or more. That is more than all of FieldTurf’s competitors combined! Most other companies in the industry haven’t even reached their 8th year in business. The key lies in two major factors: A quality fiber and a heavyweight infill.

FieldTurf manufactures the most durable fibers through its PPG model:

  • Polymer
  • Process
  • Geometry

Each fiber has a unique polymer formulation which creates a fiber that is more resistant to wear. The process which has an extended “healing” process at the moment of extrusion reduces the degradation of the fiber. And the unique geometry of each of FieldTurf’s fibers were specially designed and tested to outlast all other fibers on the market. That is the ultimate benefit to FieldTurf’s fiber extrusion investment.

FieldTurf’s heavyweight infill also has its fair share to play in the durability of our fields. With the most pounds of material per square foot of any product available today, FieldTurf’s heavyweight system reduces your maintenance, protects your turf fibers and keeps safety and performance of the field constant over the life of the field.