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Cardinal Gibbons High School

  • Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • Team: Cardinal Gibbons Chiefs
  • Sports: Football, Soccer, Lacrosse
  • Size: 78,796 sq. ft.
  • Surface: FieldTurf Classic
  • Installed in: 2012

Cardinal Gibbons High School elected to install FieldTurf at the school’s primary home stadium where the football, soccer and lacrosse teams all play. The decision to invest in FieldTurf is one that the school should stand to benefit from for years to come. Florida heat is always an issue in this region, with high UV rays always posing issues to landscaping in the area. With FieldTurf, the Chiefs can be insured of a surface that remains consistently cool and high performing no matter what tropical weather is brought forth to South Florida. Being part of the Broward County Athletic Association, Cardinal Gibbons High School can now boast one of the premier athletic surfaces within the entire county, making sports-play at the school most desirable.