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FieldTurf Construction & Installation

Having your a turf field built couldn’t be easier, and with over 7,000 fields built around the world, nobody has more experience than FieldTurf.

There are two key parts to converting a natural grass field: Building the Base and Turf Installation. Although the construction timetable for a synthetic turf facility will vary depending on the permit requirements, conditions of the site, the size of the surface being installed, the resources of the contractor and the weather there are some project basics. Here is how we’ll make your project a reality.

Building the Base

The base not only serves as the platform for the artificial turf, it is necessary for drainage. FieldTurf offers our clients assistance to evaluate the current field conditions and recommend design details. While every project is customized, here are the 4 key stages to building the perfect base along with the typical timeframes:

  • Field Excavation to Subgrade (6 Days)
  • Install Perimeter Concrete Curb/Nailer (6 Days)
  • Install Geotextile Fabric and Field Underdrain System (6 Days)
  • Install Free Draining Base Stone and Finish Stone (8 Days)

Turf Installation

Next up is the turf installation. In less than 30 days you’ll go from an empty base to a lush playing field. Here’s how we do it.

  • Off-load Turf Rolls and Place Turf (3 Days)
  • Sew Turf Panels (8 Days)
  • Install Field Markings and Decorative Markings (8 Days)
  • Install Infill (5 Days)
  • Remove Construction Entrance/Clean Up/Demobilize/Test Field (3 Days)

The key to executing the perfect playing field is simple: choose the right partners. A skilled designer, experienced contractor, and FieldTurf.