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Replacing fields in the Sunshine State

FieldTurf is shining bright in the Sunshine State!   When it comes to customer service, FieldTurf has recently scored well with our strong customer base in the State of Florida. Customers who purchase FieldTurf have the peace of mind that the warranty guarantee is kept. At FieldTurf, taking care of our customers isn’t a marketing tactic, it’s a promise.

As a result of this commitment to customer service FieldTurf has recently replaced some fields across America, including in the State of Florida. FieldTurf has made no secret of the possibility of premature turf degradation associated with certain earlier generation fields outfitted with some of turf fiber supplier Tencate’s monofilament products.  While we are seeking legal recourse against Tencate for what we believe is the supply of defective fiber, FieldTurf has not wavered in its commitment to customer service.  We remain committed to honor our warranties and remediate where appropriate any fields that have degraded prematurely. 

Here are two examples of satisfied customers who recently experienced product related issues:

Bishop Verot High School (Fort Myers, FL)

Bishop Verot is known for their extensive athletic program, featuring 21 sports and a high usage rate on their multi-purpose FieldTurf field.  The school boasts numerous accomplishments, including a soccer state championship in 2010.  Bishop Verot initially installed a FieldTurf field in May 2006, but began to see some pre-mature wear on their field and reached out to FieldTurf for a field inspection. To the satisfaction of the school, the field was replaced in June 2011.

“We’re thankful that FieldTurf was there to honor their warranty,” commented Phil Dorn, Athletic Director. “The professionalism FieldTurf has demonstrated confirmed what we believed the company to be all about, and we’re very satisfied with our field and the overall decision to stay with FieldTurf.”

There’s no doubt FieldTurf has provided tremendous benefits and value to the school, and supported Mr. Dorn’s athletic department to the fullest during the replacement phase.

Lake Brantley High School (Altamonte Springs, FL)

Like many schools throughout the state, Lake Brantley High School has struggled through the humid tropical weather conditions blanket the Florida region.  Hot summers often resulted in increased wear and tear to their field, to the point where the school avoided using it simply to preserve the stadium.  As a result, the school installed a FieldTurf surface in March 2007. Not too long after, citing dissatisfaction with the wear of the turf fibers, FieldTurf was contacted to inspect the field. The field was recently replaced in July 2011.

“Throughout the replacement process, FieldTurf was there every step of the way.  We always felt that the lines of communication were very open, and that helped ease us with the decision to invest in them,” stated Jerri Kelly, Athletic Director. “Any concern or question we had was handled in a timely and appropriate manner.  Being a FieldTurf client has done wonders for our school’s athletic program, and we couldn’t be happier!”

In both cases, FieldTurf took the necessary steps to determine the performance characteristics of each field and came to the conclusion that the fields needed to be replaced.

These are real examples of schools obtaining the product and service that has become the FieldTurf benchmark.  This is customer service excellence.