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FieldTurf Launches Duraspine PRO

The Greatest Turf on Earth just got better. FieldTurf announced today the launch of ‘Duraspine PRO’. The product includes the same industry-best safety & performance elements that have become synonymous with FieldTurf. Added to the world’s best turf system are the most durable, yet softest artificial turf fibers in the industry. Duraspine PRO is a combination of these exclusive fibers and the same patented infill system that has become the first choice of sports organizations at all levels on over 3500 fields worldwide.

The introduction of FieldTurf Duraspine PRO sets a new standard in artificial turf. FieldTurf is no stranger to transforming an industry; having introduced infilled grass systems over 15 years and developing the first artificial turf system with a spined monofilament fiber. The FieldTurf spined fiber has since evolved and is now united with the latest in polymer technology. The result is a single-spined monofilament fiber that is stronger, softer, and thicker than any other imitation in the world, marking the safest, highest performing, and most durable artificial turf system ever introduced.

“We are proud to maintain our leadership position by offering our clients a new and exciting product that transcends the previous benchmark of safety, performance, and durability in the industry,” stated FieldTurf President Eric Daliere. “Duraspine PRO will allow our customers to benefit from a more durable fiber that is also significantly softer than any other in the industry. Combined with our patented infill system’s renowned safety and performance traits, our clients can continue to turn to FieldTurf for the absolute best in artificial turf innovation.”

Duraspine PRO marks another historic offering for synthetic turf customers around the world. It represents a turning point in the progression of the artificial turf industry towards setting the absolute highest of quality standards and measurements for safety, performance and durability.

FieldTurf Duraspine PRO Video