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Yes, Yes, Yes, Colonial School District Moves Forward on Three new FieldTurf Fields

Administrators at the Colonial School District announced that they’ve chosen FieldTurf for Philadelphia-area Plymouth-Whitemarsh High School’s three new synthetic turf fields. 

The Colonials will replace two existing FieldTurf fields with Revolution 360 and will install a new DoublePlay Classic system for the school’s baseball team.


Named after the concept of completeness, the Revolution 360 fiber features optimal durability, resilience and feel.

Quickly becoming the most popular surface in North America, Plymouth-Whitemarsh will join an impressive list of current users, of which features CenturyLink Field, home of the Seahawks & Sounders, Gillette Stadium, home of the Patriots & Revolution, Mercedes-Benz Stadium, home of the Falcons and United, Portland Timbers, Princeton University, Toledo University, University of Texas at El Paso and over 200 High School and community fields.


Independent testing by both Labosport and Penn State University rated Revolution 360 as the premier turf system on the market.

In fact, Revolution 360 is still the first and only fiber in the industry to score an 83 on Labosport's Fiber Performance Index, the first true measurement of fiber quality. And the only one to receive a perfect 10 - 10 “good”, NO “hair-splitting”, NO “fractured”, NO “complete splitting” after Penn State University's Sports Surface Research Center’s aggressive 150,000 cycle Lisport Wear Testing.


The FieldTurf DoublePlay Classic baseball system was designed to perform like grass – and has been doing so for two decades. Recognized for its superior playing characteristics, the DoublePlay Classic system is ideal for those looking for a grass-like ball pace.

Hundreds of high schools and collegiate programs across the country have chosen DoublePlay Classic for their baseball facility, including Pennsylvania’s Bucknell University, University of Texas, University of Oregon, George Washington University, University of Illinois, University of New Mexico, Wright State University and the U.S. Air Force Academy.