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Durability Drives Cal U of PA to FieldTurf

Constantly dealing with field issues, officials at California University of Pennsylvania opted to replace the aged surface with a new premium FieldTurf system. The transformation was completed in early June.

“Throughout the design, and installation process, FieldTurf has provided us with excellent service,” Assistant Director of Planning and Construction Jeff Amos said. “The staff is very knowledgeable, cooperative and focused on exceeding client expectations. We appreciate the effort and would recommend FieldTurf to anyone investing in new or upgraded athletic facilities.”

Like most collegiate fields, Adamson Stadium is the home surface of multiple sports, thus heavily solicited. The university’s football, rugby, lacrosse and intramural teams practice and compete on the grounds. The newly installed system, FieldTurf Revolution 360, showcases industry-leading durability; a driving factor for the Vulcans. “It’s used by the entire student body,” Athletic Director Dr. Karen Hjerpe said. “Anytime you put a turf field in that students can use all the time, it’s a benefit.”

Named after the concept of completeness, the Revolution 360 fiber features optimal durability, resilience and feel. Quickly becoming the most popular surface in North America, California University of Pennsylvania will join an impressive list of current users, of which features CenturyLink Field, home of the Seahawks & Sounders, Gillette Stadium, home of the Patriots & Revolution, Mercedes-Benz Stadium, home of the Falcons and United, Portland Timbers, University of California - Berkeley, University of Iowa, Toledo University, University of Texas at El Paso and over 200 High School and community fields.