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Building a baseball program with FieldTurf

The story of Cornerstone University; ready to embark on new baseball program on FieldTurf DoublePlay

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – The Cornerstone University Golden Eagles are set to play ball!  School officials have unveiled their brand new FieldTurf DoublePlay Classic baseball field and rave about having arguably the best facility in the region.  The team has a new coach, new players and a fresh attitude that portrays a ton of confidence and eagerness to get going on their FieldTurf surface.

“Every day I come to work and pinch myself”, said Cornerstone head coach Dave Mitroff.  “We’re playing on the best facility in the Midwest.”

The ball club recently tested out the new surface and we’re very pleased with how it felt.  FieldTurf’s product development team, along with research partner Penn State University, designed the DoublePlay product line to be completely customizable to the needs of baseball clients by controlling the speed and pace of the baseball through innovative fiber height and infill solutions.  Such customization allows for all baseball programs to get the field they want and the field that best compliments the skills of their team.

Cornerstone University is no exception.  The school opted for a slower surface that plays to the skillset of the squad, and ultimately should help translate into wins.

“Everyone thinks that FieldTurf is lightning fast, but it’s actually kind of slower”, Mitroff said.  “We’re told that the sand-rubber mix takes about a year to settle in.”

The Golden Eagles took part in a scrimmage to break in the new field, winning in impressive fashion by a score of 8-3, pounding out 20 hits and committing no errors on the FieldTurf.

Due to the recent upgrades at the complex which includes refurbished dugouts, a dormitory facing the field, new lighting system, and a batting cage – the program has been able to successful recruit top prospects.  Zach Bohl, a freshman who plays first base said one of the reasons the decision was made to come play at Cornerstone was because of the new FieldTurf surface.

“It was really cool, we had a blast going out there”, said Bohl.  “If we play some teams that play on grass and aren’t used to the turf, we will hopefully have an advantage.”

Everyone part of Cornerstone Baseball is sharing the enthusiasm of their new program, and FieldTurf is right in the thick of it.  Many teams across America are making the switch to FieldTurf DoublePlay, and the system is simply paying dividends to each program.  The University of Texas, Oregon State, Rutgers, George Washington, New Mexico and Oregon are all elite level programs playing ball on FieldTurf.

Cornerstone expects the entire complex to be ready for the start of the 2013 season.

For more information regarding the FieldTurf DoublePlay system, please visit or call at 1-800-724-2969.