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All-Weather Fieldturf Fields Create Positive Growth Throughout State of Maryland

Since FieldTurf's local state office in Bethesda was introduced to the great state of Maryland by Trade Ambassador Philip Kapneck at a ribbon cutting ceremony at the prestigious Naval Academy Stadium on FieldTurf, many local businesses have experienced a significant amount of growth due to the increasing awareness of the safety and environmental benefits involved with FieldTurf, the world's most trusted artificial turf system.

FieldTurf, in addition to being the industry's largest sports surfacing company, has also become the largest running track company in North America with the acquisitions of Beynon Sports and Defargo. Beynon Sports is internationally recognized as the manufacturer and supplier of premium high-performance polyurethane products for the synthetic sports surfacing market. Beynon Sports Surfaces has a long history of innovation and was selected to build the track for the 2008 Olympic track and field trials at the University of Oregon, Hayward Field.

Three local Maryland companies, among many others, have benefitted tremendously in terms of their growth and development as a direct correlation of FieldTurf's local presence. The first company is the Huron Consulting Company, which has been instrumental in designing economical and technologically advanced storm water management solutions for artificial grass fields. Huron's knowledge of the State and local County storm water management regulations enabled the team to provide innovative engineering alternatives that have saved Maryland schools hundreds of thousands of dollars while remaining environmentally conscious. Since working in partnership with FieldTurf, Huron's sports surfacing projects in Maryland have grown from one field in 2007 to five in 2008. This relationship with FieldTurf exemplifies how a local business working in partnership with an industry pioneer can provide exceptional service and value.

The second company is King Sports Construction. They had a major increase in sub-base preparatory work that is required under FieldTurf fields. This was mostly due to the use of the AEPA state contract which allows any public entity to purchase FieldTurf or any other sports surfacing products on a contract where all pricing is confirmed and nationally bid through 2010. Montgomery County, Howard County, and Baltimore County are a few examples of local organizations that have taken advantage of this preferred pricing and expedited contract.

The third company is RF Kline. They are a full service contractor like King Sports and have experienced a tremendous surge in business. FieldTurf's state contract is user friendly for public agencies which, in turn, allows for the development of base and preparatory workers from Maryland.

The success stories of the companies mentioned above exemplify the dedication and support of local small businesses by Trade Ambassador Philip Kapneck. He is a prime example of how dedicated leadership can induce growth throughout a community.

All of FieldTurf's surfaces are developed, produced and installed with a concentration on sustainability and a commitment to protecting the environment. The company calls it 'Environmental Intelligence' and lives by this principle in every way. For more information, visit

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